2012 Honda XR650 L Concept

2012 Honda XR650 L Concept On road or off this is the bike for you. Lightweight durable and tested through time, this is the Honda XR650L. With excellent suspension and a bulletproof 644cc overhead cam engine this is the bike that can have you running through town so you can make it out to the country in no time.

An extremely versatile bike that focuses on the off-road side of dual-sport, the XR650L features ultra-long travel Showa suspension fore and aft (11.6 inches in the front, an even 11 in the rear), along with an impressive 13 inches of ground clearance.

In truth, the XR650L has grown to become a legend in its own time-and for good reason. Whether the road ahead holds dirt roads, single-track trails, highways or byways, the XR650L serves as the key that opens the door to riding adventures and good times. For years, devotees of the XR650L have trusted this do-it-all mount to transport them to all kinds of far-flung destinations and back again. And for 2012, the much-beloved XR650L returns to accomplish all kinds of two-wheeled missions once more.

XR650L has a 57.3-inch wheelbase and a high chair for the challenge is the relatively high seam 37.0 inches. Ground clearance is a healthy 13.0 inches to keep the bottom to keep it secure. The initial weight of 346 pounds XR650L fully ready to rise, with a full tank of gasoline (2.8 gallons, including 0.6-gallong reserve).