2012 Yamaha WR250 R Feature

2012 Yamaha WR250 R Feature The new 2012 Yamaha WR250R has a slim, steel fuel tank is shaped with knee grip in mind, and the entire ergonomic layout is designed to make the rider feel like part of the bike. Minimalist front and rear fenders are designed for function, simplicity and lightness.

Our 298-lb California model weighs just one pound more than the 49-state version, and with its lights, turn signals and license plate, made riding to the trails and then hitting it a fairly do-able proposition. We’d estimate this is about a 60:40 bike in terms of its street/offroad prowess, and changing the tires to full-on knobbies would make it about a 50:50.

The 2008 WR250R and WR250X aren't anything like the existing slew of 250cc 4-stroke machines from Yamaha. The familiar WR model, the 250F enduro, has a totally different engine, chassis, suspension, computer, seat, you name it. The same goes for the YZ250F motocrosser which is even further away in the Yammie quarter-liter lineup. Since it didn't rework its YZ-F or WR-F mills that means the Tuning Fork engineers were tasked with creating a completely new engine and chassis without the luxury of sourcing parts.

2012 Yamaha WR250R Quick Stats
• BORE x STROKE: 77mm x 53.6mm
• COMP. RATIO: 11.8:1
• WHEELBASE: 55.9 inches
• SUSPENSION f/r: 10.6"/10.6"
• WET WEIGHT: 298 pounds
• PRICE: $6590