New Concept Toillet Bike Neo

New Concept Toillet Bike Neo You might have that tough guy image of a biker with your Harley, but even the manliest of Hell’s Angels will still writhe in agony and pain should the stomach bug hit him hard. Well, Toto is offering a chopper that has a slightly different agenda – it allows you to bring the toilet with you wherever you go in the form of the Toilet Bike Neo.

In any case, if you're in Japan, you can see it perform: the talking, music playing, poop-powered toilet bike is going on a 600 mile cross-country tour of Japan, starting October 6 from TOTO headquarters in Kitakyushu. The company could have stopped at making it run on poop. As if a toilet-bike wasn't wild enough, the Toto made sure the Bike Neo could write light messages with LED lights, play music and talk.

TOTO’s Toilet Bike Neo will soon begin its national tour around Japan, starting at their Kitakyushu headquarters. From there it will embark on a multi-city tour that includes a stop off at a butt-shaped boulder in Nakatsu. We can’t wait to see how the journey progresses, and we hope the rider maintains a diet rich in fiber to keep the busy schedule on track.