2014 HONDA CBR300R New Design

The new Honda CBR 300 has increased displacement creating more power than the previous version of the 250 with 30.4 Hp and 19.9ft-lbs of torque. The 2014 Honda CBR 300 has an increase in displacement by lengthening the stroke length, increased 8mm from 55mm to the new length of 63mm giving the CBR 300 a new displacement of 286cc. While the previous version of the Honda CBR already had excellent drivability with great low end torque. The New Honda CBR 300 will be even better. First gear wheelies were already easy on the previous Honda CBR , but now it's going to be even easier to lift the front wheel of the Honda CBR 300 off the ground. 

Although Honda doesn’t release official sales figures to the media, it is no secret that the CBR250R has been a red-hot seller since its release in 2011. Out of the gate, the littlest CBR was priced right (under $4000), and offered the quality and refinement that we’ve come to expect from Honda over the years. 

Honda revised the 6-speed gearing, with the last one now longer and thus making high-speed highway runs a lot easier and funnier. The 286cc single-cylinder was obtained by stroking out the one in the quarter-liter machine and the result is better acceleration and less vibrations. 

Coming to the brakes and tyres, the CBR 300R will get much bigger brakes both in the front and the rear C-ABS will be available as an option in this upcoming model. 110/70-17 and 140/70-17 will be the size of the tire doing duties in the new CBR300R in the front and the rear respectively.
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