2011 SYM Symba 110 Spesification

2011 SYM Symba 110 Spesification Taiwanes scooter maker Sym used to build the Honda Cub under licence for Honda and the heritage of the Symba 100 harks back to that era. Select Scooters markets the Sym brand in Australia and many people would remember them marketed under the name of Bolwell.

The 2011 SYM Symba 110 made from a pressed-steel monocoque chassis with plastic bodywork with the telescopic fork and adjustable dual shocks as the suspension. Other standard features are including the LED-light fuel gauge, small parcel rack, and of course, the passenger seat scooter, the 2011 Symba 110 has total carry capacity just 199 pounds which means that if you want to bring a passenger, make sure it weighs around 40-pounds or less.

The main differences of the WoWow compared to the old Passport consist of a modernized electrical system (12V instead of the old 6V system), an electric start, a 4-speed semi automatic transmission and an increased engine size of 110cc, which now allows the Symba to reach a top speed of over 55mp/h.

The first obstacle you'll have to cross is operating the Symba. It's not like a modern scooter and learning to ride it takes some adjustment from your run-of-the-mill twist 'n' go. To start it, you hold in the brake pedal and lever and thumb the starter, or you can park it on its center stand and kick the folding kickstart lever. Either way, after a minute or two of warm-up, it's ready to ride.

Storage-wise we have the promise of accessories to come, but you can source front baskets and rear panniers if storage is your main priority. Like I said prior, you can also remove the rear seat and attach a topbox easily, no matter what the size. You do get an external helmet lock that allows you to store your helmet safely once parked.