2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (ABS) Concept

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (ABS) Concept In 2008 Kawasaki implemented a number of tweaks and updates to the 14 aimed at improving low-end power, but the new model was given a head-to-toe going over for 2012. Although the land rocket of a sportbike retains a familiar look while gaining the R designation, below the surface the biggest of the Ninjas received its most comprehensive revision since its 2006 debut.

The 2011 Ninja 1000 is therefore fitted with a 1043cc inline four-cylinder engine outputting 136hp (101kW) and 110 Nm (81 lb.ft.), as well as with Z1000's aluminium frame, plus the same suspension and brakes.

The Ninja is blessed with rideability an incredible blend of ability on the street and extreme ease of operation. The source of all this two-wheeled goodness is Kawasaki’s own and now legendary Z1000 super standard, the engine and chassis platform upon which the Ninja 1000 is based. The Z1000 has earned some of motorcycling’s highest accolades, including a slot in Cycle World’s Ten Best collection as Best Standard for 2010 and 2011. With guts like that, it’s easy to see where the big Ninja’s impressive chops come from.

The Ninja 1000's lightweight aluminum frame is similar to Kawasaki's famed liter bike, the ZX-10R. The frame cradles the engine from above, and bolts to the motor solidly in three spots, with the final mount rubber-backed for added vibration isolation and torisonal rigidity.

Along with the frame and suspension elements derived from the world of sport bikes, you get light-weight wheels and sport bike instrumentation. The instruments are taken from the ZX-6R, with different fonts and colors. Included is a very legible, traditional analog tachometer next to an LCD screen that includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, clock, dual trip meters and assorted warning lamps. The fuel gauge is easily read at a glance, it is appreciated when combined with the comfort and long-distance touring capabilities of this bike.