2012 Harley 883 Super Low Spesification

2012 Harley 883 Super Low Spesification The Sportster SuperLow chassis was reengineered in 2011 to provide superior ergonomics and comfort, with quick responsive handling, in a package that puts your Butt just 25.5 inches above the surface of the Planet. Stop into our showroom and experience this amazing machine firsthand.

Convenience is also always present in every product Harley Davidson. XL883L SuperLow Sportster 883 also provides extra comfort for every rider. Thanks to the support of a great suspense. Front suspension using a 39 mm Showa ®. Rear suspension uses coil-over; preload dual-adjustable. SuperLow Sportster 883 also provides good braking system as well. If you are a loyal fan of Harley Davidson, then you can try out 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 XL883L SuperLow, and find a great sensation.

As for suspension, Harley offers the Super Low with generous rear-suspension travel and easy-to-reach bars, creating a favorable ride for various-sized riders. On a lengthy stretch of highway connecting the Oregon towns of Newberg and Pacific City, the SuperLow performed rather well for touring duty, offering a more comfortable ride quality than we’ve seen in any past Sportster model.

Though vibrations make their way through the footpegs at highway speeds, saddle comfort and confident straight-line dynamics prove a boon for long distance rides. But when the road gets twisty, the SuperLow takes on a distinct disadvantage; with “soft” lean angles of just under 25 degrees (which becomes steeper if you take into consideration when “hard” parts like exhaust pipes make contact), the tradeoff for the SuperLow’s accommodating seat height is a tendency to scrape pegs, which gets wearisome on winding roads.