2011 Yamaha YZ85 Design

2011 Yamaha YZ85 Design is a very competent machine right out of the box and can easily win races with the right rider. We decided to keep the mods to a minimum and focus mainly on improving durability to ensure the bike would hold up to the demands of racing. Our test rider also had some personal preferences for the controls, so we made a couple of upgrades there as well. Finally, we found the stock gearing a little tall, so we swapped sprockets to better suit the tracks in our area.

The lightweight suspension of the YZ85/LW is built to the same advanced specification as that of the company’s larger MXGP-winning racers, delivering the kind of unbelievable handling and precision steering reserved for only the best of its kind on the market. The front suspension is handled by a 36mm Kayaba inverted cartridge fork with a fully adjustable compression and rebound dampening.

Meanwhile, the rear comes with a Kayaba shock providing 11.1" of travel with a fully adjustable compression. Another key element of the YZ85 is its braking capabilities. For the new model, Yamaha put in one of the best set-ups in the class: a 220 mm front disc that generates strong, controllable and progressive braking combined with a 190 mm rear disc that provides reliable stopping power at the rear end.

" Lightweight, compact, 84.7cc, liquid-cooled, crankcase reed-valve inducted,
2-stroke single.
" Crankcase reed valve induction and 28mm Keihin flat-slide carburetor ensures seamless throttle response across the powerband. The aluminium carb body helps reduce weight.
" Lightweight, forged piston means less reciprocal mass and less friction for a faster revving engine with great durability.
" Digital CD ignition system provides a hot, precise spark and monitors engine speed to ensure optimal timing for quicker, stronger response during hard acceleration. This is a maintenance-free system.
" Smooth-shifting, 6-speed transmission with involute splines on main and drive shafts are mated to a heavy-duty, multi-plate clutch delivering maximum hook-up for outstanding acceleration and corner-exiting power.