New Husqvarna TR 650 Terra TR 650 Strada In Australia

With the new street bikes turning more and more into a successful comeback, Husqvarna announces that two of their all-new TR 650 motorcycles will be available in Australian dealerships in December. 

Manufactured in Husqvarna's Northern Italian plant, the Terra model is the dual-sport machine while the Strada is a purely road biased offering. In Australia the Strada will be ABS equipped as standard while the more off-road Terra goes without. Both models are braked by a 300mm single front disc and 240mm rear. The Terra model rolls on spoked rims rather than the cast alloys employed on the Strada.

 They're powered by the 652cc single-sylinder engine from the BMW G650GS, although power has been incresed from 47bhp to a claimed 58bhp.There will also be a reduced power version for riders on a restricted licence, which will make 48bhp. The new restriction rules start in 2013. 

 The TR650 Terra is a bit lighter at 368 pounds and offers the option of an anti-lock brake system, whereas its tarmac-oriented brother features ABS as standard equipment. A 21-inch spoked wheel handles rolling duties up front, while an 18-inch version takes care of the rear. Aggressive rubber, a lower seat and marginally longer wheelbase also help differentiate the Terra from the Strada.
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2013 V Star 1300 Price $11,190 (€8,760)

Introducing the new 2013 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Deluxe, the only casual full dress touring machine in the mid displacement class. Brimming with features, the Yamaha Deluxe offers all day riding comfort with plenty of storage. The 2013 V-Star 1300 Deluxe delivers exceptional performance and value, making it the ideal choice for riders looking for high end appearance and features in a midsized cruiser. 

Powering the Deluxe is the same 80 ci liquid-cooled V-Twin engine with computer-controlled twin-barrel fuel injection used in the base V-Star 1300 and V-Star Tourer. Power is delivered to the rear wheel through a five-speed transmission and a belt final drive. 

Built around a 1304cc (80 cubic inch) V-twin engine with a 9.5:1 compression ratio, aggressive cam timing and fuel injection, the V Star 1300 Deluxe with its 2 into 1 exhaust has the sound and power you need to get up and go. With the V Star 1300 Deluxe, Star Motorcycles has redefined the bagger class of touring motorcycles.
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2013 Suzuki DR-Z 125 MSRP $3,099.00

The 2013 Suzuki DR-Z 125 is a Off-Road Style Motorcycle equipped with an 124cc, Air Cooled, Single-Cylinder, SOHC, 4-Stroke Engine and a 5-Speed Manual Transmission. On the tech side, the 2013 Suzuki DR-Z125 comes with a 4-stroke air-cooled 124cc engine with low-mid-range-oriented torque and power deployment for seamless handling at moderate speed. 

The 5-speed gearbox makes it suitable for dirt and trail use, while at the same time renders it as a nice city-carving bike for daily commuting Both bikes feature aggressive bodywork that makes them stylistic replicas of the championship-winning RM-Z machines. Their performance virtues, though, go a lot deeper than that. Both bikes set the class standard for precise, agile handling. Beginning and more experienced riders will appreciate their controllable powerband and strong low-end and mid-range power. And larger riders can choose the DR-Z125L, featuring larger wheels and a front disc brake.
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New Indian Sport Scout 45

A uniquely colorful example of Indian’s time-honored war-era workhorse, this two-tone Yellow and White Sport Scout hails from the personal collection of Indian restorer and collector John Rank. The original color scheme is laid over original sheetmetal in traditional fashion for one hundred percent accuracy and correctness. 

 The Sport Scout helped Indian’s fortunes and quickly earned a reputation for superior performance and agility, enhanced by great racing success. At the 1936 gathering of the Los Angeles 45 Club at Muroc Dry Lake, Fred Ludlow achieved a remarkable 128.57 mph on a Sport Scout, and in 1937 Ed “Iron Man” Kretz won the Daytona 200 on one. Despite being the last in a long line of side-valve Indians stretching back to 1916, it became a mainstay of Class C racing. The side-valve would be surpassed by new technology, but the Sport Scout was never truly eclipsed, for as historian Richard Renstrom once wrote, it was “designed and raced by men who were unconcerned about anything not produced in America the Sport Scout.a monument to an engineering ideal.

 Literally, the new sport Scout 45 does have knee action. A new front fork design with coil spring suspension permits the fork complete with wheel, guard and headlight to ride over road obstacles independent of the rest of the machine. The stability of the front wheel within the assembly permits a trim and close fitting front fender which adds much to the stream lining of the whole job.
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2012 Aprilia Mana 850 GT Review

A testament to Aprilia’s technological prowess, the Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS is packed with rider-friendly technology. With the Mana’s Sport Gear transmission you can easily switch between manual and automatic riding modes with the push of a button. The Anti-Lock Braking System, integrated half-fairing and adjustable windshield, make the perfect touring companion or daily commuter.

A completely new motorcycling concept, the result of technological expertise, the courage tobelieve in innovation and be daring which is Aprilia's hallmark together with attention paid to motorcyclists' needs and a tendency to look to the future: Mana 850 is a complete motorcycle, thenew frontier, the missing link in an evolution that makes the world of motorcycling and its emotionsaccessible to all types of user.

Performance is pretty good, too. The Mana accelerates out of hairpin bends with a satisfying midrange punch, heading for a top speed of about 120 mph. The 839cc V-twin produces a throaty exhaust note that rises and falls rapidly as I thumb through the seven-speed sequential gearbox. Alternatively, I could use the foot shift lever, though it feels pretty odd to operate it without a clutch. Switching to automatic mode means the CVT takes care of everything-all I have to do is point the bike where I want it to go. But on these technical roads it's more fun to take control of the engine.

2012 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS Quick Stats:
WHEELBASE: 57.6 inches
BORE x STROKE: 88mm x 69mm
RAKE: 24 degrees
PRICE: $10,999
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2012 GSX-R 1000 Test Drive

Suzuki has pulled the covers off of its 2012 GSX-R1000, and the bike brings a smattering of mechanical improvements to an already capable platform. All told, the machine is just under 4.5 pounds lighter than last year. Part of that savings comes from specially-developed pistons that are 11 percent lighter than those found in the previous-generation GSX-R1000. Suzuki says the components were developed using technology borrowed from its MotoGP efforts. The same goes for the engine tappets, which are 2.5 grams lighter than the old pieces. The new hardware means that the 2012 GSX-R1000 can use a revised exhaust cam profile for reduced valve overlap.

The basic architecture of the liquid-cooled Inline Four, including bore/stroke measurements and capacity remain unchanged. What has changed is the operating efficiency and overall responsiveness through a combination of mechanical and electronic revisions.

New Suzuki GSX-R1000 keep using Final Drive: Chain, DID50VAZ, 114 links and is supported by 6-Speed Constan Mesh Transmission System. Acceleration Suzuki GSX-R1000 is very fast because it is supported with a high compression which is equipped with fuel injection and ignition system Electronic With Transistorized. While construction 999 cc engine in 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 will not be much different from the construction engine in 2011. Because of 2011 engine construction is pretty good and optimized to improve engine performance when driven at high speed.
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Ducati 900SS Review

The 900SS is simply the best street bike Ducati has ever built.That's a provocative statement, considering the competence of Ducati's other recent releases, the 907 I.E. and the 851 Superbike, It's even more surprising when you consider the 900SS isn't all-new, and borrows many bits and pieces from other Ducatis. It doesn't even use the firm's latest technology, such as four-valve heads. liquid-cooling, or fuel-injection. As with all great machines, it's the right combination that counts, one that Ducati has taken nearly a decade to unlock with the 900SS.

On paper it’s the Ducati 900SS is a loser. In the real world the low down torque is pretty effective and modern motorcycles only pull away when revved hard. This makes the Ducati 900SS a deceptively quick motorcycle in experienced hands. Old technology with just two valves per cylinder and air cooling. V-twin like most Ducatis.

Desmodromics, the principle of positive valve control, came into its own in the period when mercedes-benz straight-eight Desmo engines dominated formula I racing. Unfortunately, when the prestigious german auto company retired from racing, it also effectively retired the desmo technology. At least for the moment. Ducati Engineers. However, fished it out of oblivion and, for the first time, applied it successfully to motorcycles. Desmo technology was first used in racing designs and then in a daring commercial venture, in Ducati street machines.
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2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Spesification

2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Spesification Victory is a major motorcycle manufacturer. Innovation has always been present in every product of Victory. Victory has very much fans. Fans are a source of inspiration for Victory in developing a product motorcycle. In 2012, Victory released some great products, like the 2012 Victory Classic Cross Roads LE. A good combination between style of a true touring motorcycle with incredible acceleration capabilities. You will get a new great driving sensation from this Victory.

The Freedom106/6 V-Twin will continue to power all models, but comes in Stage 1 for its touring motorcycles with power numbers claimed to be 92 hp and 109 lb-ft, while Stage 2 is bumped up a bit for use in its cruisers, good for a claimed 97 hp and 113 lb-ft. It’s a counter-balanced V-Twin with both air/oil cooling as crude circulates through the jackets to help cool things out. It has a self-adjusting cam chain tensioner and a gear-driven primary mated to Victory’s 6-speed overdrive transmission. The tranny was extensively reworked last year as Victory tried to make it easier for riders to find neutral with a new neutral assist. They also worked hard to reduce driveline lash, noise levels and gear whine.

The Crossroads The Classic Motorcycle looks, how you want - but it works just like a victory. This means you get world-class performance wrapped in a custom shell. Liberty 106 V-Twin engine that produces a giant Highway 97 horses is still inside, no matter what color you selected. We do not offer hot pink, but if we did, this bike has muscle to back it up.

2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Quick Stats:
BORE x STROKE: 101mm x 108mm
WHEELBASE: 65.7 inches
RAKE: 29.0 degrees
SEAT HEIGHT: 26.25 inches
DRY WEIGHT: 772 pounds
PRICE: $17,999
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2012 Triumph Scrambler Frist look

2012 Triumph Scrambler Frist look The stuff of Hollywood legends. Our latest fuel injected, air cooled 865cc parallel twin, reworked with different timings for that distinctive exhaust note from those classy high swept chrome pipes. Fork gaiters. An accessible ride that´s easy and relaxed. What it´s always been. Only better. Scrambler.

Back in the day, competitors would take their Triumph twins, strip them down and fit dirt tyres and suspension, not to mention high level exhausts, and head out on the rough terrain. These Triumphs were hugely competitive in enduro competition and famously ridden by Hollywood star Steve McQueen in the 1964 International Six Day Trial (ISDT) in the former East Germany.The Scrambler takes its inspiration from those ISDT machines with its classic styling dominated by the twin high level exhausts, designed to provide maximum ground clearance on rough terrain.

Triumph’s legendary air cooled, 865cc, parallel twin features modern fuel injected and with a 270 degree firing order for a distinctive exhaust note through the stylish high swept chromed side pipes you can’t fail to notice.

2012 Triumph Scrambler Specs:
• Type: Air-cooled, DOHC, parallel-twin, 270ยบ firing interval
• Capacity: 865cc
• Bore/Stroke: 90 x 68mm
• Fuel System: Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI
• Exhaust: High level stainless steel headers with twin chromed silencers
• Final Drive: X ring chain
• Clutch: Wet, multi-plate
• Gearbox: 5-speed
• Oil Capacity: 4.5 litres (1.2 US gals)
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