CRP Streetbike Prototype Feature

CRP Streetbike Prototype Feature At EICMA 2011, the famed TTXGP competitor CRP Racing unveiled its first electric streetbike prototype - Energica. This is a project of international importance, in which CRP, in addition to studying in detail the characteristics of this new electric streetbike, has used the experience gained race after race on the track.

This is a project of international importance that CRP was able to achieve by using their experience gained race after race on the track.The key word is Evolution. CRP’s challenge is to deliver green technology, not only on the track, but also on the street. CRP’s know-how is the result of 40 years of experience working alongside some of the best international motorsport teams.

The new electric street bike is formulated from the experience of eCRP, another company related to CRP Technology, active in the field of electric motorcycle racing. Among the testimonials there is the Italian company of clothing for men and women Yell! Industry that dresses for the occasion Shelina Moreda. The clothes are dedicated to people who live with dynamism and energy and are ready to the challenge just like the American rider and the strong character of the eCRP that thanks to the technical staff is on track to face all the contenders lap after lap until the end of the race.