2012 Harley Iron 883 Price

2012 Harley Iron 883 Price Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made in the United States are precisely located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States. Where is the Harley Davidson factory was founded in 1903 by James L. Ziemer, CEO. Here is a picture of Harley Davidson's creation for the first time.

Reflecting the style of riders who want a quality ride with no hassles, the blacked-out, back-alley bruiser is the “anti-chrome” Harley model. The Iron 883 is for those who want their first taste of that ride-hard-and-put-up-wet lifestyle. It’s for those who want to tear up asphalt and backroads instead of polishing paint and chrome.

Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles like the Iron 883 have stood against the grain since their introduction in 1957, when the modern rebel culture was being bred from restless veterans and hot rod pioneers. Sportster motorcycles became the starting point for many legendary choppers of the 1960s, while also getting pumped up for championship dirt racing and dare devil stunt riding in the 1970s.

2012 Harley Iron 883 Quick Stats:
• ENGINE TYPE: Pushrod V-twin
• BORE x STROKE: 3" x 3.812"
• WHEELBASE: 59.8 inches
• RAKE: 30.5 degrees
• SEAT HEIGHT: 26.9 inches
• CURB WEIGHT: 565 pounds
• PRICE: $7999