2012 KTM 990 SM T ABS Spesification

2012 KTM 990 SM T ABS Spesification The Europeans always get the unique motorcycles first, such as KTM's Supermoto T (SM T), a machine built around a Supermo

The ABS system, especially key feature for safety on our roads are not maintained as some circuits, it is therefore landed on the KTM 990 SM T thanks to the collaboration of KTM with Bosch in the development of the system. When MS T came out did not even among the optional ABS, a flaw that KTM has put even a little late.

Engine of KTM V-twin engine SMTIl 990 from 999 cm3 of 990 SMT is one of the lightest V2 categoria.La Keihin electronic fuel injection adjusts to optimize the behavior and make it more responsive to commands and the power to harmonize wild improving guidabilità.La power is 115 hp at 9,000 rpm distributed on a dry weight of 189 kg, making it one of the lightest and agile and fun in the segment, while torque is 97 Nm at 7,000 rpm . Cycling of the KTM 990 KTM 990 SMT SMTLa suspension department has a high quality, in support of the tires fitted as standard (Continental Sport Attack) and for a perfect absorption of the surface roughness of stradale.

As befits a motorcycle on the characteristics of sports and still vibrant, the calibration of the ABS was also maintained on the sport, so his involvement is limited only to situations of real danger. In addition, the adoption of phonic wheels in 48 teeth, The new ultra-compact sensors and relying on the greater speed of action of the present modulation valves, it was possible to minimize the pulsation of the brake lever, which is almost imperceptible.

The new ABS also incorporates a rollover strategy, which monitors the lifting of the driving wheel. Do not forget also that the KTM has introduced the possibility of exclude the ABSThrough a button, for when the driver wants to drive in complete freedom and autonomy. To adapt the bike to change cycling has been changed slightly suspension settings, which remain, of course WP multi-adjustable. The fork has seen a slight increase in the oil, to provide a more sustained response to the limit, while the damper has a spring a little harder, and to allow a more dynamic sports in the guide only, and to boosting possibility of regulating the use in pairs and with luggage.