Leo Vince Leo Vince Launches BMW Bikes

Leo Vince Leo Vince Launches BMW Bikes have been studying the market for budget priced exhausts for a while, and have been working on new materials and finishes, until coming up with the new 'LV-ONE'. These are LeoVince's entry level exhausts in their "SBK" range for BMW motorcycles, offering a new design for those bikers that require a performance slip-on exhaust, in the latest design and materials, but all at a budget price

Fully constructed from high grade AISI304 stainless steel, compact slim oval shape with LeoVinces trademark flat top & bottom sections, with a special titanium-look outer casing - plus the totally new techno-polymer end cap designs - these exhausts look much more expensive than they really are. And a real plus, easy to look after with little or no maintenance required.

LeoVince supply these exhausts with full European approval, each exhaust is 'E' marked and suitable for use legally in the UK and Europe. For those riders that demand better performance and a deeper sound, then the factory fitted db baffle can be removed. Also, a fitting kit is supplied to reinstall the baffle. All 'LV-ONE' exhausts are tested and set-up at the factory to work with stock engine management systems.

In terms of mounting hardware, these exhausts are supplied with stainless link pipes, genuine carbon fibre support straps, and a full fitting kit tailored for each individual bike. And no worries for bikes fitted with o/e panniers as the silencers are designed to fit without clearance problems.