BMW K1200S (2008) Preview

The new 2008 K 1200 S is a synthesis of everything BMW has learned from decades of motorsport success and detailed motorcycle development. It is a sport model without precedent and devoid of compromise. The K 1200 S exists to define maximum performance with unprecedented sophistication and technology-enhanced safety measures. Yes, it accelerates aggressively enough to take your breath away-thanks to an all-new four-cylinder engine with 167 horsepower-but also embodies everything BMW has learned about rider comfort and safety.

The K 1200 S was designed as a sport bike and is a completely separate motorcycle within the K family. It is radically new, featuring an unprecedented number of innovations. It is a high-precision sport bike offering unique agility as well as enormous output. Its power to weight ratio is on the level with the competition and almost 50 percent better than the K 1200 RS, thus leaving no wishes unfulfilled with regard to riding performance.

The new K1200S is a bit of a conundrum. In terms of sportiness, it's not quite the equal of a Hayabusa and ZX-12R, and if that's what you were expecting you'll be a bit disappointed. So, what is the new K12? I was telling Duke that it's a sportbike that doubles as a touring machine, while he was saying that it feels like a touring bike with excellent sporting ability. If that's not on target, folks, I don't know what is.

In the end, the $17,345 (as tested) BMW K1200S is a wonderful piece of machinery. It offers up a smooth and well-controlled ride to go along with some of the coolest technological tidbits used on any motorcycle in production today. If you're looking for a hyper-sport-tourer and you're willing to sacrifice a bit of (relative) high-end performance for comfort and exclusivity, then you need to get to your local dealer and lay hands on one the latest K bike from BMW Motorrad.