Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Feature

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS continues to pump the interwebs with material on its EBR 1190RS street bike, the 1190cc v-twin American street bike. In what looks to be Part 1 of a multiple-part video series, EBR throws a bunch of cut-scenes together, giving us only a quick glimpse of the 1190RS. Although details are scarce about the winged-stead, we do know that the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS will be based of EBR’s 1190RR race bike, which was based in-turn off the now defunct Buell Barracuda 2.

Buell’s vision of producing an American sportbike enters a new chapter with the 1190RS, a serious evolution of the 1190RR racebike privately campaigned during the 2010 AMA Superbike season with rider Geoff May.

Buell’s RS is cloaked in fresh new skin, now with a full fairing in a slim and edgy new design constructed of carbon fiber. Its nose is now much pointier, fitted with a pair of projector lens headlights stacked atop each other similar to Ducati’s 999 but in a more streamlined layout.

Lots of premium components are hung from the 380-pound (wet) 1190RS. Expect to see Öhlins suspension front and rear, an Aim Sports digital dashboard, magnesium wheels and a full carbon fiber fairing. Surely, components for a hand-built bike like this cost a pretty penny, and though Erik isn't talking pricing just yet, don't expect the 1190RS to come cheap. Think Ducati 1198R (about $40,000 or so) territory. A slightly less expensive version using fiberglass and plastic in place of carbon fiber may also be in the offing.

Suffice it to say, we're excited that Erik is once again living his dream of producing high-end American sportbikes. Have a look at the images in our high-res image gallery below, and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.