2012 Honda Gold Wing Unveiled Feature

2012 Honda Gold Wing Unveiled comes with a sportier, slightly more aggressive look with its reshaped taillight and new dual vents above the dual headlights.
The company has made several significant revisions for the 2012 Gold Wing. The 2012 version is devoted to the rider environment and styling while the 1832cc, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine remains unchanged.

From the photos, we will also note that the appearance of the GL1800 has been renovated and now appears more slender and streamlined. In particular, the side benches were redesigned hull, to blend the look with the latest dictates of Honda design and to further increase the wind protection of the driver and passenger. We see in fact that the sides of the hull is slightly wider. Were also redesigned the side cases, to increase the carrying capacity and has been revised suspension set-up .

Saddlebag capacity is up 7.0 liters, boosting total storage – including trunk and fairing pockets – to 150.0 liters. Non-airbag models also get a central storage pocket, presumably where the airbag would otherwise reside on so-equipped models. Finish on the seat material is updated, and the wheels are now clear-coated to ease clean up and to help maintain a like-new look.

The Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System (available on some GW models) has a brighter color screen, and offers “programmability for sharing favorite ride routes with friends and other riders,” which can be accessed online according to Honda.

The BMW claims an engine output of 160 hp at 7,750 rpm while the Honda Gold Wing produces 96 hp at 5,600 rpm. Besides, the K1600GT weighs 135 pounds lesser than the Gold Wing. Comparing the prices announced by the two companies, BMW K1600GT, available in 3 package levels is priced in the range of $20,900 to $24,540 and the premium GTL has a price range of $23,200 to $25,845, while the Honda Gold Wing (2012 model) and its trim levels are priced in the range of $23,199 to $28,499.