New 2011 Triumph Speed Triple R

The best selling motorcycle of the new era of Triumph needed an update, and it received a very successful one. The 2011 Speed Triple is more modern, refined and a much better motorcycle, overall. Already equipped with the motor and frame from the Daytona 675 supersport bike, the Street Triple R adds in higher-spec suspension and brakes, and then tucks in the front forks another four-tenths of a degree, just to sharpen up the handling.

Triumph’s liquid-cooled Inline Triple makes all the difference. A mechanical equivalent to Goldilocks’ too hot and too cold dilemma, the Street Triple R’s 675cc three-cylinder mill is just right. It combines the best of the Twin and Four into its own distinctive blend

The prevalent use of carbon fiber on the bike drastically reduced its weight, making it lighter and faster than any of the standard Speed Triple’s out there. The light weight of the bike, combined with its powerful engine, has turned an already impressive Speed Triple into the Impoz Speed Racer..

Distinguishing the Street Triple R are three stunning color schemes: Matte Graphite, Matte Blazing Orange and a new Phantom Black and gold combination. The Street Triple R is not a subtle motorcycle. It’s a bike for those who like to take it to the max.

The bike surges forward at the smallest flex of your wrist muscles, with no need to hunt for the right gear in the close-ratio box, and the sensation is enhanced by the immediate, utterly dependable throttle response. Sensation is the correct word, because the motor is even better than the spec sheet suggests, adding sensory value with its gorgeously evocative aural qualities, a snarling growl that morphs into a howl, underpinned by the unmistakable Triumph geartrain whistle, as you spin it hard.