2011 Suzuki Burgman 400 ABS Concept

2011 Suzuki Burgman 400 ABS Concept There are a lot of labels to describe the niche that Suzuki Burgman aims to fill: Touring scooter. Maxi-scoot. Super scooter. But there’s one brand that the Burgman 400 ABS should wear with pride: car replacement. Bigger scoots like the Burgman always defy classification especially stateside – because they’re not a motorcycle and they’re not a scooter, but they offer a heaping helping of what’s to like about both those categories.

Around town or on longer rides, the Burgman 400 offers an impressively comfortable ride. It has plush suspension, matched by a sleek, aerodynamic fairing that provides excellent protection from the wind. A stepped seat and an easily adjustable backrest for the rider provides comfortable seating mile after mile. And concave floorboards offer you and your passenger plenty of legroom.

The engine is paired with a -Speed Continuously Variable (CVT) transmission and total fuel capacity is 3.6 gallons. The Burgman 400 ABS rides on Aluminum wheels with a 120/80 R14M/C 58S front tire and a 150/70 R13M/C 64S rear tire. The front suspension is a Telescopic Fork while the rear suspension is a Single Sided Swing Arm. Front Dual Hydraulic Disc brakes and rear Hydraulic Disc brakes provide for the stopping power. The Burgman 400 ABS comes standard with a One-Piece, 2-passenger seating.

Out on the open road, you’d probably be surprised to know that the Burgman 400 can reach speeds of 150 km/h and above; actually, it surprised the driver of a BMW who thought he could pass me with his eyes closed as we were both merging onto the highway.