2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Spesification

2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Spesification Victory is a major motorcycle manufacturer. Innovation has always been present in every product of Victory. Victory has very much fans. Fans are a source of inspiration for Victory in developing a product motorcycle. In 2012, Victory released some great products, like the 2012 Victory Classic Cross Roads LE. A good combination between style of a true touring motorcycle with incredible acceleration capabilities. You will get a new great driving sensation from this Victory.

The Freedom106/6 V-Twin will continue to power all models, but comes in Stage 1 for its touring motorcycles with power numbers claimed to be 92 hp and 109 lb-ft, while Stage 2 is bumped up a bit for use in its cruisers, good for a claimed 97 hp and 113 lb-ft. It’s a counter-balanced V-Twin with both air/oil cooling as crude circulates through the jackets to help cool things out. It has a self-adjusting cam chain tensioner and a gear-driven primary mated to Victory’s 6-speed overdrive transmission. The tranny was extensively reworked last year as Victory tried to make it easier for riders to find neutral with a new neutral assist. They also worked hard to reduce driveline lash, noise levels and gear whine.

The Crossroads The Classic Motorcycle looks, how you want - but it works just like a victory. This means you get world-class performance wrapped in a custom shell. Liberty 106 V-Twin engine that produces a giant Highway 97 horses is still inside, no matter what color you selected. We do not offer hot pink, but if we did, this bike has muscle to back it up.

2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE Quick Stats:
BORE x STROKE: 101mm x 108mm
WHEELBASE: 65.7 inches
RAKE: 29.0 degrees
SEAT HEIGHT: 26.25 inches
DRY WEIGHT: 772 pounds
PRICE: $17,999