Yamaha Launching Zuma 50F - Majesty Scooters

Yamaha Launching Zuma 50F - Majesty Scooters Joining the V Star 950/Touring and the XT250 and TW200 dual purpose machines in the 2012 Star Motorcycles model range in the United States, are the all-new 2012 Zuma 50F and the 2012 Majesty Scooters. While the Zuma 50F is set to arrive at nationwide dealerships in Spetember, the Majesty will become available one month earlier, in August.

Leading the pack of 2012 Yamahas are two scooters aiming to punch high fuel prices in the face: the Majesty ($6,750) which achieves a respectable (but not mind-blowing) 50 mpg, and the all-new Zuma 50F ($2,490), a pipsqueak that ekes out an impressive 132 mpg-- though your grandma in a walker might have better off-the-line acceleration.

The staggeringly high 132 mpg claim is a dyslexic bettering of the 2-stroke Zuma’s 123 mpg fuel economy. That claimed efficiency nets a near 160-mile range from the 50F’s 1.2 gallon tank. Yamaha touts the new Zuma can be refueled without opening the seat, a convenient feature. Once opened, however, the 23-liter storage capacity is promised to be large enough to store an XL full-face helmet.

The 2012 Majesty is a high-tech transportation unit that blurs the boundaries between scooter and motorcycle – highly utilitarian performance. The rugged, reliable and powerful 395cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine and fully automatic transmission mean there is more than enough power to run at highway speeds, with room for two and plenty of storage space. The electronic fuel injection delivers excellent throttle response and low-maintenance reliability, while the dual chamber air box, air injection system and exhaust catalyst technology reduce air pollution.

Meanwhile, the Majesty scooter is powered by a four stroke, liquid cooled 395cc engine that is paired with an automatic gear box, with a lot of power matching that of highway speeds, along with a lot of space for storage needs and seating for two.