Suzuki GSR750

Suzuki GSR750 There are already many aggressive-looking “streetfighter” naked bikes on sale. One glance at Suzuki’s new, GSX-R750-based GSR750 would convince most people that the streetfighter sector is where it belongs.

It has all the trademark styling: a front-heavy look featuring a striking headlight, with a stripped-away rear section exposing a fat tyre and exhaust plumbing, while edges, swage lines and angles all lead the eye relentlessly forward and down to the front wheel. It shouts power, speed and attitude, and if you were making a buying decision on looks alone then a GSR would be on your shopping list.

It seems that the occurrence of GSR 750 would be motivated by the success enjoyed by the Kawasaki Z 750, one of the sites sold naked average in Europe, being otherwise naked and one in Japanese 750cmc segment.

Strong lines start at the front and move up and back. Including a carefully sculpted, vented front fender. A modern, vented headlight shell and integrated instrument cluster.

Inverted front forks, a design developed in racing and mandatory for a serious, high-performance machine. Molded rearview mirrors. Light and open radiator side panels combined with aggressive front bodywork sidepieces form the design.

Engine type: 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, Inline Displacement: 749 cc (45.76 cubic inches) Bore × stroke: 70 mm × 48.7 mm (oversquare - shortstroke) Cooling system: Water cooled Throttle: Cable operated Valves Valve train: DOHC, variable Valves per cylinder: 4 Fuel and ignition Sparks per cylinder: 1 Fuel supply system: Fuel injection Ignition type: Digital CDI Engine mounting: Transverse Lubrication system: Wet sump Gear box: Manual Clutch: Wet, cable operated Final drive: Chain Starter: Electric